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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Love and Listings

S10/EP11 | Aired:
January 18, 2018
Flagg and Bobby work together on their first co-list, and Flagg gets emotional during their wedding rehearsal diner. Tracy's ex-client comes crawling back, while Josh Altman faces a tough deadline to sell a tear-down on the Riviera Golf Course. (00:00)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Keys to the Castle

S10/EP10 | Aired:
January 11, 2018
Tracy heads to New York to be mentored by Fredrik Eklund. Josh Altman tackles the beast of Bradbury Estates, Bliss Canyon. Josh Flagg teams up with the Brits for a co-list in Los Feliz, but a crazy seller might throw them off their game. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Mile High Club

S10/EP9 | Aired:
January 4, 2018
Josh and Matt Altman land the biggest mansion in Bradbury Estates. The Brits throw a huge party at their new high-rise penthouse listing, but when long-time rivals Altman and Flagg come face to face sparks fly. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

It Wasn't In My Budget!

S10/EP8 | Aired:
December 28, 2017
James and David make a pitch to represent the hottest new high rise building in Los Angeles. Madison's summer rentals are usually a breeze, but a wealthy socialite with tight purse strings threatens to put his plans on pause. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Who's Your Daddy?

S10/EP7 | Aired:
December 21, 2017
Josh Flagg struggles to plan his over-the-top wedding and juggle over-the-top clients. Tracy's got a new listing with a first-time developer who has high expectations and an attitude. The Altmans race to the hospital as their baby daughter is born! (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Homewood's Where The Heart Is

S10/EP6 | Aired:
December 14, 2017
Tracy battles two brokers from her past to sell a problematic listing in Brentwood. James lands a classic Beverly Hills home but the owner has some old-school demands. Madison introduces Cody to his family while in Arizona, and pops a big question. (43:24)

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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Tracy Just Lost an Amazing Deal

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