Why Jim Morrison Is Special In Music Industry

Jim Morrison was a film director, a musician and the author of poetry books. He was in a Band that covered several music genres including the blues rock, basic rock, hard rock, and acid rock.The group was very popular as many people enjoyed the music they played.The band was the center of discussion.Although the band worked together in most of their songs and also in their performances, Jim Morrison seemed to suffer the tensions in his position.

Therefore as time went on, he started to depend more on alcohol and also emotional while on stage. Interest in the music slowly began to decline at the moment. The Doors were beginning their year-long tour, the concerts that had been set during the year were forced to be canceled because Jim Morrison was arrested and charged with obscenity and indecency. While this could have been very discouraging for those remaining in the band, they moved on as Jim Morrison proceeded to pursue his interest in filming and poetry.

Throughout their time together, The Band put some of the successful albums that continue to sell quite well nowadays.The other members did not allow Jim Morrison’s problems to get into their music too much. Since 1965 to 1971, the four worked together to make songs and compile hundreds of albums. When Morrison’s died in 1971, the other three members of the band continued for about one year.

Jim Morrison used to live his life freely and also used to be a solitaire.His good idea of the beautiful place to go and relax was at a topless bar close to an office of the Doors. He neither had an entourage nor protection.He strolled on the streets of Hollywood and Venice freely. He proved to the world that you can be a celebrity and still live in the world the way you liked.

His being free was what disturbed people, also the government and the law. The powers that do not like to see when somebody is showing them what real freedom was.

I cannot be in a position to figure out any present musical artist living this kind of life. That is what usually makes Jim Morrison different from so many people. It is sorrowful that the music industry today is just for business. I am very grateful I was alive in the 60’s to see greatest creative artists expressing themselves.

Although a graveyard may not seem like a common place to visit on holiday, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris attracts more than two million people every year. While the 150 acres of cemetery mean there are plenty of graves to visit, it is a well-known fact that some graves located there tend to attract more visitors than others.

As such, probably the most famous of all the graves in Pere Lachaise is that of Jim Morrison.He was an American singer, writer, and filmmaker; best known for his work as lead singer for The Doors.

Jim Morrison’s grave tends to attract a much younger crowd than most of the other graves. In the past fans have come to show their respect by leaving beads and music magazines on the grave. However, the debris soon began to affect the nearby graves, and Pere Lachaise Cemetery now has a full-time guard standing watch over the grave.